The Best Enterprise Architect Certification

Enterprises of today need not only the proper business processes but they also the right IT infrastructure. Business enterprises need to be able to meet the business processes with the IT infrastructure. Without the proper collaboration of the two, there will surely be disorder in the business enterprise. That’s when the enterprise architect comes into the scene. He is the one responsible for planning and executing methods on how to align the IT infrastructure with business processes. However, a business enterprise must not simply get someone to do that. A person with the enterprise architect certification should be the one to do that since he can assure a proper working environment between the IT infrastructure and the business processes.

So far, there is no common standard for enterprise architect certification. There were only some certification initiatives which can be taken by anyone who wants to prove his worth on the business. Among these initiatives are the Federal Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute, the Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation, and Society for the Certification of Information Architects. However, some big companies like IBM rely only to the TOGAF or The Open Group Architecture Framework to deal with the enterprise architect certification.

Many big companies are eyeing professionals who have acquired the TOGAF’s IT Architect Certification. This is another certification initiative which has proven reliable with the many professionals it has produced. Some companies believe that the framework provided by TOGAF for enterprise architecture is just what every business enterprise needs to have better enterprise architecture.

Acquiring the TOGAF enterprise architect certification does not require years of experience. Interested professionals only have to study the concept of TOGAF and pass the exam. With this effort, one can already have one of the best enterprise architect certification in the IT world today.

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