The Book of Making Sense about Change Management

Making sense of Change Management is a book that talks about making the change done in an easier way. It is suited for anyone who wants to really understand why changes happen, how they happen, and the things that need to be done to welcome changes rather than thinking of it as a dreaded idea. The book offer insights about the several frameworks, models, and methods of approaching change and can help the reader for the application of the correct approach for every unique situation. Contents of the book includes topic about individual changes, changes in a team, organizational change, leading change, mergers and acquisitions, structural change, IT-based processes change, cultural change, and how to best implement change.

The book is inspired from the story of a guy who wanted to do things all by himself instead of asking help and assistance from other. His job is to manage change. He does his job so well all by himself not until his new boss talked to him and told him that he can’t do a particular job mechanically. The job is about growing a new culture and is also about the people around him. If a person is a part of a team, he has to be involved in the team. And that started the concept of the book.

The book is written for professionals and subjects alike. It identifies and gives explanations of all the current models for change and it also offers practical ideas on how to manage changes. It is a kind of book that can live up only from its title. Making Sense of Change Management does offer toolkits to make the real sense for the change. However, the content of the book is not a one size fits all type of book for all kinds of change, whatever the circumstance is.


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