The Bright Future of WiMAX under 3G

The idea behind WiMAX or worldwide interoperability for microwave access is to standardize wireless communications technology. WiMAX wants to make sure that broadband wireless radios and other forms of communications technology can be operated from one vendor to another.

With this main goal, the future of WiMAX is getting brighter especially when it was folded into the future plans of 3G. This means that WiMAX and 3G are not battling entities anymore in broadband wireless technologies but as partners.

Significant implications for WiMAX

It can be considered as a big victory for WiMAX to be folded under the 3G standards. Simply put, operators with 3G spectrums in the 2.5 GHz bands have a choice to use WiMAX.

Naturally, the merging of WiMAX and 3G has global significance among operators who are looking at the International Telecommunications Union for endorsed products. These operators find endorsement of technologies before they invest big capitals for infrastructure. The decision, therefore to include WiMAX among the rooster of endorsed technologies is a positive sign of better opportunities and greater chances of international deployment. This also means that WiMAX shall be able to deliver mobile Internet for both rural and urban market.

Since WiMAX and other 3G services are now among the services in the set of standards, all are now in equal footing. The important point here is that operators across the world can now have the freedom to select which technology is better for their business and regional needs.

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