The Capabilities of VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation is the first desktop application created by VMware, Inc. And though it is the debut product of this company, it can already do a more complex work compared to other simple desktop applications. The VMware Workstation is called a virtual machine software suite used for both x86 and x86-64 computers. With this application, user can enjoy a multiple operating system running in his single physical computer like the Microsoft Windows, BSD variants, Linux, and others. Aside from that, the VMware Workstation offers more for its users. With the help of other VMware application, the VMware Workstation can transfer the various virtual machines throughout a multiple host-machines. It also allows taking of multiple successive snapshots of a specific operating system. Each of these snapshots will permit the user to roll back the created virtual machines under saved status at any time he wishes to.

Application like the VMware Workstation is a very useful tool for persons selling different software devices. He can try his products on different operating systems and test their environment when being used in a certain platform. He can possibly do that without the need for many computer machines. 

Aside from allowing multiple virtual machines, the VMware Workstation can also reproduce or simulate some hardware. For example, this application allows mounting of an ISO file as a CD/DVD ROM or as a hard disk. The hardware’s network adapter driver can also be configured with this application. The VMware Workstation also allows bridging of different hardware devices to existing host network adapters which makes them more useful for a more number of users in a network.

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