The CCNA Practice Test Questions

CNNA practice tests is a helpful tool in preparing students pass the certification exam.
This enables professionals and students to get as much practice they need to get to be able to answer tough questions in Cisco Certified Network Associate examination.

If you research well, CCNA 640-801 practice tests questions can be seen in the internet.
Some of the questions include:
1. Ehternet frame types
2. IPX access lists
3. LAN technologies       
4. OSI data link layer and sub layers
5. IP address range classification
6. IP host subnet calculation
7. Static VLANs
8. ISDN reference points
9. OSI and DoD models
10. Repeaters, bridges, and routers 
11. CSU/DSU, Modem                              

But today, CCNA 640-801 was replaced by 640-802 which is more advanced and now includes wireless networks. In CCNA 640-802, the practice questions include questions describing how the network works. It is important to review topics that involve configuring, troubleshooting and verifying the switch using interswitch and VLANS communications. The CCNA questions also include explaining and selecting the proper administrative tasks that is necessary for WLAN. Identifying the security network threats and illustrating the common techniques in eliminating these are incorporated in CCNA test questions. CCNA 640-802 provides implementation on IP addressing scheme and gives the necessary IP services to meet the needs of medium sized office networks.

There are free online CNNA test questions where you can easily download and gives you detailed explanations. These practice tests can provide students the necessary knowledge and preparation to be able to qualify for the CCNA certification.

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