The Challenges of IT Governance

Before identifying the challenges that are possible to be encountered in the governance of IT, it is proper to first define what Information Technology Governance is. IT governance as defined in the Australian standard is the system wherein the present and the future operation of ICT is controlled and directed, the governance involves the assessing and directing of all the plans that is used by ICT to assist the organization and monitor these uses to attain the plans. This includes the policies and the strategies in using ICT in a particular organization.
Governance of Information Technology is only one of the ideas that unexpectedly came out and became a vital issue in the part of IT or Information Technology, most organizations begun with the execution of IT governance for them to attain the union between Information Technology and the business. IT governance is a configuration of processes that is used in decision making covering the decisions in an investment, the relationships between the clients, the management of the project and other essential operational areas of Information Technology. The challenge in the governance of IT revolves in the decision making process and how each services offered are going to be delivered to the customers. Challenges in IT Governance also include whose going to be blamed for every poor performance of the system. The challenge is to come up with a right decision as a team preventing the other members that are part of the IT Governance to be blamed for a wrong decision. The solution is to work as a team and not as an individual.

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