The Characteristics of the Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management is one of the many diverse facets and elements that encompass the concept of content management apart from the web content management and content syndication and digital and media asset management.  However, because content management has become diverse and dynamic, the facets of it have become considerably the same and distinguishing them from the others has become considerably difficult if not challenging.  For this reason, the following characteristics of Enterprise Content Management have been highlighted to make it a little distinct from the rest of the content management facets:

a.    The Enterprise Content Management is being used as a middleware to integrate protocols. It is a common fact that generally of the software systems that we are using have restrictions and limitations.  When the ECM is used as an integrative middleware, these restrictions are potentially being overcome based on the applications and architectures of the systems. Many users are not fully aware that the ECM is capable of doing that which delimits them from further using the features that it possesses.
b.    The Enterprise Content Management and its components are capable of being used as an independent service. The pieces of information that can be collected and stored using the ECM concept are capable of being used even when the source or the origin of the information obtained is not being regarded.  
c.    The Enterprise Content Management is capable of being used as a universal mechanism to store and deposit all the information that was obtained.  ECM is capable of being used as a general “warehouse” to all gathered information regardless of the information type and origin.

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