The CISSP Registration Process

It doesn’t matter which brand of Information Technology you are a master at. Whether you are a hardware technician, software specialist or a programmer, it is still important for you to learn about the security measures being taken to protect a particular computer network system. If you want to be a real IT professional, then you may want to take a look at the option of CISSP certification. CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional prior to getting the six-hour long examination which covers the ten basic subjects of CISSP. Read on to learn more about the existing CISSP registration process.

Even before studying for the CISSP exam, you need to have at least five years of experience in the security of information. However, if you do not have experience, you can always get college credits or certifications from other organizations to prove that you have extensive experience in the field of security of your database. You need to pay a fee before filling out the examination registration form. The details are all included with the registration form. After submitting the form, you will receive an application to sit for the CISSP examination. The costs for the exam will be indicated in the letter that they will receive from CISSP. As a final note, the time that you will spend during the CISSP registration process will be truly worth it once you have passed the CISSP examination and become a truly certified IT security expert.


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