The CMMI has been developed from several bodies of knowledge that targets the general improvement of

CMMI is a business process quality improvement approach.  This has been called in some quarters as the CMMI quality systems.  Viewed in this light, companies therefore transformed CMMI into a simple process capabilities and maturity evaluation tool to a more comprehensive management systems approach.  With its emphasis on integrative business process improvement, CMMI can be deployed across the entire organizational structures of any enterprise.  It can therefore be utilized as a valuable project management framework for ensuring quality product creation as well as deliveries of vital corporate services to end consumers.

By improving the business process, companies will be able to gain significant benefits that could lead to further growth.  Specifically, through the application of CMMI, the quality standards of companies can be maintained at full levels.  This is due to the fact that when companies develop a quality process for its procurement, manufacturing and delivery systems, they can also maintain top quality standards for their entire business organizations.  This assurance of quality will enable companies to reach their business missions, goals, and strategies. 

Another significant point about CMMI quality systems is its ability to integrate several business processes into a single quality management approach.  It is true that CMMI has been developed to institute improvement in the systems engineering of organizations.  However, the underlying principles and methodologies of CMMI for systems and processes management can be tweaked to include external procurement and supply management as well as incorporating the best practices of other organizations in optimizing the internal business structure. 

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