The Common Topics for Siebel Analytics Training

Siebel Analytics is a software application which is composed of the Siebel Enterprise Analytics Platform and Customer Analytic Applications. These inclusions allow the enterprise to evaluate and measure the business performance using different aspects. Since Siebel is the largest product line for customer relationship management, it is important for big enterprises to have the Siebel Analytics. However, this application is not that easy for self-study. And so, different Siebel Analytics trainings are created to answer the need for immediate learning.

The common participants in a Siebel Analytics training are business analysts, IT managers, support staffs, and end-users. These people can learn how to create reports with the Siebel Analytics, gain expertise, and provide support for the end-users. To achieve this knowledge, Siebel Analytics training discuss on different important topics.

The topics included in common Siebel Analytics training are the overview of the Siebel Analytics and web navigation, reviewing and understanding of the Siebel Analytics software components, and learning the basic concepts of the application and its components. The attendants will also be taught how to create new queries, filter data, and format columns. Creating ad-hoc reports, charts, table, and pivot table will also be taught during the training.

There are still other topics covered during the Siebel Analytics training but some of these depend on the training host. However, it is common to these trainings that the participants should have familiarity with the different Windows products like the Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.

There are also trainings available for various languages like German, Spanish, English, and French. The length of training also depends on the host and the topics to be covered but most of these last for some days.

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