The Complete Definition of the Term Sasken Communications Configuration Management

Sasken Communications may refer to the company named Sasken Communications Technologies Ltd. which is based in Bangalore, India. This company is involved primarily in the Computer Programming Services industry, particularly Customized Computer Programming Services. This allows the company to provide services and technology for telecommunications companies, especially in the areas of network engineering, handset testing, semiconductor design, and software for cellphones.

One key investor in Sasken Communications is Nokia Growth Partners, a venture capital fund which funneled US$3 million into Sasken Communications as of 2005. Sasken Communications was actually the initial component of the venture capital fund portfolio for that year, and marked the entry of Nokia Growth Partners into the telecom industry of India.

Sasken Communications is perceived to provide services in the embedded R&D outsourcing business, whose products are usually employed by its clients for end-user solutions.

Configuration Management (or CM) is a broad term used in IT and Telecommunications, referring generally to management of changes that are imposed on an automated information system throughout the lifespan of the system. CM can hence apply to software such as cellphone software which is one of the key service products provided by Sasken Communications to its clients.

Taken together, we see that the compound term Sasken Communications Configuration Management pertains to the ability or processes undertaken by Sasken Communications in managing the changes that it observes, induces or tries to control on any automated information system under its jurisdiction, so long as the system exists.

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