The Concept behind Business Process Management Tools

The Business Process Management (BPM) market has definitely reached greater heights as more and more companies are producing BPM tools to help organizations in aligning strategies and processes with business objectives and goals. Proper analysis and evaluation of existing practices can definitely make a huge impact on the way business processes are being handled. To produce optimum results, there is a need to automate business operations and BPM tools can just be the long-awaited answer to certain challenges and dilemmas of some organizations.

BPM tools have a wide range of usage across all levels of the business industry. Though it does matter to choose the appropriate BPM tool to use, still the most important thing to do is to focus on the process outcomes and everything else will follow. If BPM analysis tools are used to map out existing processes, the modeling tool, on the other hand, help organizations in the proper deployment of software applications that implement processes such as document management.

Some BPM software vendors that offer suites with process management and deployment tools, business engines and modelers include the following: BEA Systems, Appian, EMC (ProActivity), Ultimus, IDS Scheer, Cordys, Lombardi Software, Global360, Pegasystems, Metastorm, Savvion, HandySoft, Tibco Software and IBM. There are also some that offer dedicated modeling tools such as Casewise, automating document and workflow processes tools such as IBM (FileNet), Adobe Systems, Interwoven and EMC (Documentum), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools such as Tibco, BEA, and WebMethods, and BPM management tools for health care systems such as Siemens Medical Solutions.

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