The Configuration Management of MKS

MKS stands for Mortice Kern Systems. Its quality for development has never been this complex and great. The need for improvement has been their principle for the never ending changes made in their system. Giving control to the disordered environment of software development has always been a challenge for them to give quality services to their customers.
The benefits and the features of Configuration Management include a project structure that is hierarchical and it arranges the source codes of the software logically to apply the best practices for Software Configuration Management. They also allow some developers to make a workspace that is private to search for changes and update the codes without having an impact to the files of the main project. MKS also has reliable and modern architecture that provides the elimination of the need for any replication of a process, and lessening the cost of administration. The architecture also allows real time development. MKS has a complicated support for the facilitation of parallel development and project sharing. These features allow reduce in rewrites that are costly to the administration. Also, the team for development is flexible enough to collaborate to the models that support locking. The system of MKS is also able to rebuild the exact copy of the previous version through their process called rollback.  

MKS has always been dedicated in making products that are available and applicable to the current architectures of computers and also make use of the latest standards that are easy to manage and to use.

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