The Consequences of Focusing on Dump SCJP Exam Question Patterns

Yes, it is a fact that taking up a certification exam such as a Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) is not that easy. Aside from the rigorous tutorial courses that you will get from review schools and other training institutions, you will also feel the need to take some more money out of your pocket just by registering for a SCJP exam. It is true that you will be compensated well once you are hired by a company that requires an SCJP certification. But then again, the road to SCJP success is narrow and only a few can survive. This always depends on how dedicated an SCJP aspirant is in pursuing a lifelong career of learning and self development.

Because of these reasons that many resort to brain dumping. Brain dumping is like failing an exam for you to succeed on the next test. Through brain dumping, you can memorize all questions that were given during your first take of the exam and then find some answers to difficult questions. Some claims that the result is always favorable to those who use this kind of strategy. Is this true? Well, think again.

What if the exam questions were replaced by new ones? What if yesterdays answer is different from todays? These are just some of the consequences that one might get when he or she focuses on cheating. A piece of advice? Instead of doing such things, it is best to draw your attention in reading books and understanding the concepts of Java programming while on training. Because passing the exam does not end there. You will definitely find it hard to carry out your day to day tasks if you just went by the rules of brain dumping.

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