The Contents of Service Level Agreements

Service level agreement is a file that helps identify the relationship between two groups: the supplier and the beneficiary. It is very important that the file must clearly define the needs of the client, make an outline for easy understanding, it must not complicate issues and lessen the areas where there are conflicts instead, it must have a way to make encourage discussions if there are arguments about the project and it must not also contain any expectations that are not sensible.

Service level agreements must contain a wide range of subjects like the services that are delivered wherein it is the most serious part of the SLA since it defines the services and how are they going to be delivered. Services delivered must be correct and precise.  Another content of SLA is the management of performance that includes the supervision of the level of performance of the services offered. It must also be monitored by both parties regularly. The responsibilities and duties of the customer must be realized in the process of delivery since the agreement comes from two parties. The client must look after the access, resources, and the facilities that the employees of the supplier are going to use when working on-site. One of the contents of SLA is security.

It is also an important area of service level agreement. The access and some policies must be provided by the customer that must be respected and complied by the supplier.

Other contents of SLA include warranty and remedies, recovery from disasters and the agreement regarding termination. These subjects must always be taken into consideration when making a service level agreement.

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