The Coverage of Openbravo ERP

Among the most sought after business solutions is Openbravo ERP. It provides state of the art multi-functioning systems. This is mostly because the entire software is actually based on a web environment. Therefore it can easily be upgraded and linked with other business portals online as it is already based itself on the Internet. Networking is enabled and a more complex set of systems can be triggered.

On a general level, Openbravo ERP takes care of the business master data. It provides a portal where essential business information such as the products, its components and even the business employees are encoded. This function helps managers track the overall progress of the business in terms of service and product conditions. The sales can be monitored efficiently according to the productivity of the employees. It also ensures that no multiple coding happens which can result to higher statistics based from wrong sources.

Procurement and warehouse management are also major concerns in Openbravo ERP. These things deal with the operational part of the business and ensure that materials relevant to business production are properly taken cared of and monitored. It also involves inventories and product management which help safe-keep the reputation of the business. It also ensures that the budget which the business shells out meets the expected expenses and no questionable purchases are being made. Production management is also an aspect covered by the program. This covers the whole production right from the planning among top executives up until the implementation and the feedback from end users.

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