The Danger of High MCSE Pay Levels

The average MCSE pay scale continues to enjoy lucrative status among other Microsoft certified professionals.  MCSEs can still command a high five digits salary especially if the systems engineer has a rich hands-on experience on systems design, deployment, and troubleshooting.  That is why more and more IT professionals are striving to get an MCSE certification.  Added to the lucrative salaries of MCSEs are the different perks provided by Microsoft to its certified professionals.  MCPs and certified systems engineers can participate in exclusive Microsoft conferences for MCSEs.  They can also take advantage of the resources provided by Microsoft in solving different operating and server systems issues.

The rush to get MCSE certification can also have negative implications for the whole IT industry.  Because of the increasingly attractive MCSE pay levels, even those who do not have enough experience in actual Windows 2000 administration and systems engineering are jumping into the MCSE bandwagon.  Some can actually pass the exams and market their credentials to IT companies.  These IT professionals are considered by some as MCSE in paper only.  Paper MCSEs studied books and manuals and passed the certification exams based on book knowledge.  They lack actual technical capabilities to handle real life server systems administration and engineering.  When paper MCSEs flood the job market, it could certainly pull down the MCSE pay levels because of the diminishing value of MCSE certifications.

This trend, if not resolved properly by the IT industry and leaders, could undermine the value of MCSE certifications.  It could also affect the pay levels of MCSE professionals.


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