The Definition of Enterprise Architecture

When the word “architecture” is used, first thing that comes to your mind is, it is a structure.  A structure, which relates to building.  In the information system world, there is such thing as Enterprise Architecture. 

To understand fully the definition of Enterprise Architecture is to define the words enterprise and architecture.  An enterprise is any collection of organization with a common set of goals or objectives.  It can be a government agency, a whole corporation, a division within a corporation, a department, or a chain of geographically distant organizations linked with each other through common ownership.  Architecture on the other hand, refers to blueprints or models use as guide in the implementation and its structure  components are inter-related with the principles and guidelines that governs in the design and evolution.  With these definitions, Enterprise Architecture refers to the blueprint of an enterprise that builds its information system using architectural disciplines in improving its performance.  An enterprise that ensures that its information systems adapts to the TOGAF standard and at the same time satisfy customers, compete in a market, deal with its suppliers, sustain operations, and care for its employees.

With a TOGAF Enterprise Architecture, organizations are able to formulate strategic moves to build and improve their performance. The Enterprise Architecture will help organizations to become responsive and be successful within the industry.  The correct balance between IT efficiency and business efficiency are signs of good enterprise architecture. Organizations are able to innovate safely for competitive advantage.

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