The Definition of IT Governance

IT governance identifies people in the organization who can make the decisions and how
they are made. This is a process wherein the organizations support, align and organize IT
actions towards the objectives and goals of the company. This actually includes creating
the framework on accountability and establishing the decision rights of the people in the
company and promotes a good behavior and action in utilizing IT.

There are several objectives in IT governance, this includes allowing a strategic and
planned alignment in IT in pursuit of goals and priorities of the organization. It also
detects opportunities for improved usage in IT and maintains the IT policies effectively.
With IT governance, it will help you identify and eliminate the risks involved.

It governance is usually built around interconnecting groups, committees and people who
have identified their roles to make IT specific decisions in IT. It focuses on the goals and
assures that IT produces business value. In viewing IT governance, it actually creates
value that will fit into the Corporate Governance Strategy of the company and should not
be viewed as a separate discipline.

In this method, the stakeholders are necessary to take part in the process of decision
making. This will form a shared agreement of responsibility in the important issues and
system. Not only that, it also guarantees the IT decisions are created and motivated by the
business and not the other way around. To effectively manage, organize and control IT
and your business, IT governance must be implemented. 

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