The Difference Between an Advanced Call Center and A Large Call Center

A call center may be large, meaning the number of seats and agents could be sizeable, but that does not mean the call center is necessarily advanced. Even a small call center manned by just ten agents could be considered advanced if it has an advanced call and customer management system in place. If the larger call center lacks such a call and customer management system, then decision makers there should think about putting one in place to stay ahead of the race.

What then are the components of an advanced call and customer management system? First, the call center should have the IT systems that will allow the agents to do their job with as less stress and as effectively and efficiently as possible. At the same time, the call center must be able to fulfill its corporate support function with regards to the inbound and outbound functions. Later on, the call center may examine the possibility of becoming a virtual call center, inclusive of the pros and cons that come with such an option.

Should a call center phase out agents in favor of technology-based call and customer management systems then? Meaning, will the human aspect provided by agents be eliminated so that technology can take over their functions? The jury is still out on that because analysts are divided on the issue. Some say that to maintain costs the call center should phase out agents; while others say the time that agents will never be needed anymore will never come, that agents will always be needed.


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