The Difference Between Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Plan

Disaster recovery and business continuity plan are two of the most important things that
companies should prepare for. Most organizations use these subjects interchangeably,
resulting to confusion and other misunderstanding of its functions. It is essential for
companies to know the difference of each subject to know how these can help the
business in times of disaster.

In an unfortunate event that a disaster strikes the company, the most commonly affected
areas, especially in the IT industry, are the software and computer equipment. 
Recovering from these disasters is the primary purpose of a disaster recovery plan. The
disaster recovery plan refers to the restoration of systems, operations and facility of the
company after a tragedy. This plan will help regain the lost assets, equipments and other
expenses of the organization. A plan to recover this loss is important to reestablish the
usual functions of the business. And to prevent these things from taking place, business
continuity is essential to avoid disasters.

Business continuity plan is different from disaster recovery plan in that the business
continuity plan contain different business procedures and guidelines to follow in times of
emergencies and disasters so that the business will still continue to operate even during
emergency situations.  While it’s ultimate goal is to avoid the disaster, it will still have
the proper course of actions for disaster control and management.  But both the disaster
recovery and business continuity plan are essential in the continued existence of the
business because is assures employees, business partners and clients that the company is
ready for emergencies and disasters and that it has the proper skills and knowledge to
implement it.

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