The Difference between Enterprise Architect CV from Resume

After gaining the complete knowledge and the needed certificate for enterprise architecture, the next step is to prepare the enterprise architect CV or curriculum vitae. This is a form of paper where a professional compiles all his experiences in order to get a specific job in a business enterprise. Some people say that an enterprise architect CV is one’s gateway to find the kind of job he wants. Therefore, it should be presentable and formatted correctly to attract the attention of possible employer. However, the purpose of curriculum vitae is very similar to resume. That is why many people are asking the difference between the two and which of these should be used when applying as an enterprise architect.

An enterprise architect CV focuses more on education, accomplishments, and experiences of the professional. A CV is intended to be presented in a way that one can speak about his self in a very concise and clear manner. Meanwhile, the resume is more descriptive and is usually made for a specific purpose or for a specific target audience. Basically, CV and resume differentiates with their purpose and format. However, both of these are used for screening applications that usually follows an interview.

One should use the resume if it is his first time to seek for a job since only education backgrounds and training can bring him to the interview. However, if one has enough job experiences and a good educational background, it is better to use the CV. For most enterprise architects, curriculum vitae is the common format for job applications since most of these professionals already have backgrounds working for similar fields.

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