The Different Enterprise Architect Jobs

The main job of an enterprise architect is to make sure that the business processes and the IT infrastructures are aligned. But this simple sentence cannot show how hard it is to become an enterprise architect. In fact, professionals working as enterprise architects have many tasks and responsibilities in a business enterprise. A lot of knowledge and skills are required in order to do these enterprise architect jobs. A lot of collaborations are also needed to make these jobs possible.

Included to the many enterprise architect jobs are the alignment of the various IT strategies and planning with the business enterprise’s goals. He is also expected to optimize the different approaches on information management by understanding the changing business needs and different technology capabilities. Enterprise architect jobs also include managing the business’s IT systems, promoting the shared applications and infrastructures, ensure that there is no duplicated functionality, and work with various people in order to provide a common enterprise solution.

To make all these enterprise architect jobs possible, the professional should be able to see how the different system parts interact and work with one another. He should also have the knowledge on the business enterprise as well as leadership and interpersonal skills. The enterprise architect should also be emotionally intelligent, have a good skills in communication, and a reliable time management ability.

The enterprise architect should be able to deal with business analysts, software architects, CIO, system analysts, application developers, IT administrators, project managers, systems architects, release and application developers, and the business leads. All these are needed in the complex world of enterprise architect jobs.

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