The Different Kinds of Risk Management Jobs Available

Are you well-versed in Risk Management? Do you think you have what it takes to work in a
Risk Management Job?

To take on the duties entailed in Risk Management Jobs, it is advisable to get the proper
training in Risk Management. One way is, if you have already secured a college degree, to
work towards an MBA in Risk Management and Insurance from a reputable university. Other
universities simply offer a degree in Risk Management. The difference between a simple Risk
Management degree and an MBA in Risk Management and Insurance is that the former allows you
to have more generalized training in Risk Management. The latter concentrates more on Risk
Management as used in the insurance industry.

But risk management is not just confined to insurance applications, though insurance does
play a key part in protecting individuals and organizations from risk. If you have adequate
training in Risk Management, you may take on jobs such as the following:

1. Business consultants in Energy Trading and Risk Management for the fields of Power,
Gas, Oil and Commodities.
2. Risk Management consultant for Equity and Structured Funds.
3. Credit or Finance Analyst.
4. Collections and Recoveries Risk Manager.
5. Hedge Funds Risk Manager.
6. Modeling and Research Quantitative Analyst.
7. Fixed Income and Equities Quantitative Analyst.
8. Asset Management Operational Risk Manager.
9. Risk Control Administrator for banks and other financial institutions.
10. Mergers and Acquisitions consultant for banks and other financial institutions.

There are many, many more jobs in Risk Management which deal with a wide variety of risks.
As you can see, risks can be financial, physical, and operational – depending on the type of
business that you will be working in. The commonality between all these risks is that they
may harm or derail the operations of the organization and its members in some way.

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