The Disaster Recovery Journal – Providing Solutions to Ensure Business Continuity

Do you have any questions on how you can implement business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions to your organization? The answers are just within your reach because there are a lot of sites that offer suggestions and provide updates as far as BC/DR matters are concerned. Aside from consulting an expert when it comes to BC/DR processes, these web sites are jam-packed with tons of information that you can apply to your own business.

One of these web sites is the disaster recovery journal. This site offers comprehensive discussions about the latest trends about BC/DR processes and how to successfully put these solutions into practice. The Disaster Recovery Journal is actually a magazine that it has about 60,000 subscribers to date with more than a 100 pages in size.

The Disaster Recovery Journal is the first publication that is solely focused on disaster recovery and business continuity. Founded in 1987, its first issue contains 22 pages and was only distributed to about 3,000 readers. The man behind the journal is Richard L. Arnold, who is still acts as the president of the Disaster Recovery Journal. He also happens to be a co-founder of a non-profit organization named Disaster Recovery Institute in 1989. This institution offers certification and awareness of the importance of disaster recovery in the business industry today.

To gain more knowledge and learn the different best practices in the field of disaster recovery and business continuity, the Disaster Recovery Journal also sponsors two conferences held annually since September 1989. With over 3,000 disaster recovery professionals who participated, this only goes to show how critical disaster recovery is to the business.


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