The Document Management System and the Planning Process

In every form of system that an organization will employ, the planning process is very important to achieve the end goals. You can not say that you have a good system if the standard procedures were not properly executed. So, the procedures done during the planning process is as important as achieving the desired and expected goals.

The document management system and the steps of the planning process:

1.    The determination of the roles that will be incorporated during the creation of the document management system. Also included in this step is to know who are the people involved in performing the processes.
2.    Study the documents that will be worked on by different people or member of the team which include the kinds of documents.
3.    Design the organization of documents that will be based on specialized sites and teams. There are in fact document management products that offer features that will be helpful in organizing the documents more efficiently.
4.    Propose a plan that will properly locate documents based on content. A good example of such proposal will be in publishing process since the documents may move from one staging site to another. In this case, you have to plan the flow of the move as well.
5.    Plan the kinds of content that will be used in organizing information so that you can impose consistency for the entire organization.
6.    Take control of the content plan, workflows of the plan, and the plan policies as well.  Full control, documents tracking, and policy implementation are all necessary in ensuring the success of the document management system.

Such steps in document management system implemented during the planning process are vital keys in sticking to the company’s goal and strong organization.

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