The Duties of a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt

In a Six Sigma culture, the road does not end after passing the certification for the Black Belt program. You will still have to spend a lot of fruitful years to gain continuous exposure, experience and expertise of the Six Sigma principles. You may also want to eye for the Master Black Belt certification. Obtaining such recognition will not only mean broadening your spectrum as far as Six Sigma processes are concerned, but taking on a new role as a Master Black Belt will also mean an increase on your basic compensation.

Though working as a Master Black Belt may be challenging at first, you will surely get the hang of it in the coming weeks. This is because you will feel more fulfilled with the job of working closely with the people behind successful Six Sigma project implementations. Such responsibilities include: (a) managing project selection process; (b) counseling project teams with low satisfaction ratings; (c) ensuring that projects are remained aligned with the organizational objectives; (d) acting as a subject master expert that can be count on in difficult times; and e) leading Six Sigma projects that are more complicated than the projects being handled by Black Belts.

On special cases, Master Black Belts can also perform other duties such as motivating people to do their best at work and communicating project updates to Black Belts and other key people in the organization. Aside from setting performance standards to measure project success, they can also facilitate team building activities to promote camaraderie among team members. This will definitely create a fun atmosphere that can easily relieve stress and other work-related issues.

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