The E-Commerce and ERP Program

With the onslaught of ERP systems, next came the e-commerce era which was another milestone for many big businesses. ERP was intended for internal people of a certain company and definitely was not accessed by customers. It is often mistakenly termed as the back office of the business. After all, it was intended for the use of the company to improve the way they do things.

However, as the internet boomed many businesses have begun to adapt the e-commerce which proved to be a hit again. Many e-stores were set up. One can now purchase goods online. A businessman who travels a lot can check flight schedules and book flights with the click of his thumb. A food chain can take orders online through the use of e-commerce.

As the e-commerce emerged, customers are now demanding to have the same access benefits as that of the people behind the business like invoice reconciliation, stock availability, order status to name a few. This brought about problems for ERP vendors which was reconciliation of the two. Reconciliation of e-commerce and ERP system proved to be a challenge.

To simplify, keep in mind that ERP was for the people working with the business (otherwise called providers) and e-commerce was the general consumers. It is important to note the difference between the two in planning for an ERP that can work well with e-commerce. After all, even though there is a need to satisfy the customers, some trade secrets should still be kept.

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