The ECDL Online Courses: What They Are?

The European Computer Driving and Licensing course is a wide discipline that moulds a person towards becoming adept and skilled not only in terms of learning the fundamental concepts of computer but also transforming him or her to become an effective member of the workforce.  The ECDL courses were designed, conceived, and are being implemented because they have been guaranteed as excellent determinant to know the readiness and qualification of an individual towards becoming an effective worker. 

The discipline (the ECDL course) may have placed a great value in empowering an individual in terms of how to manipulate and control a computer, but it is likewise geared towards shaping the person to become successful and become naturally adaptive with the all types of work environment that he may be facing in the future. 

ECDL Online courses are all focused in enhancing and substantiating an individual’s skills in terms of computer and information technology.  In particular, after all modules have already been successfully completed and finished, it is expected that any learner will have confidence to work in a computer-based workplace and shall have gained knowledge in the following:

• Fundamental Concepts of Computers and Information Technology
• Database and File Management
• Office Software like Word Processors, Spreadsheets, and Presentation
• Internet Competency

By learning all these, the learner shall be then ready to become a potent part of the whole industrial workforce.  He or she can use all these to properly equip him or her to properly cope with the industrial needs. 

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