The Edge of Having VMware Windows

The popularity of Microsoft Windows and its spread use is unstoppable. That is why a lot of software developing companies are creating their software that can run on a Microsoft Windows platform. If not, their software will lose millions of possible consumers. That is the move done by VMware, Inc. They make their desktop software to run on Microsoft Windows which are now called as VMware Windows. Aside from this operating system, VMware also makes available software versions compatible for the free OS Linux and the Apple Computer’s Mac OS X.

When it comes to desktop applications, their compatibility with Microsoft Windows should never be ignored. It may be true that there are other operating systems in the planet but it is also undeniable that more of computer users are running their computers using the Microsoft Windows. That may be the reason why VMware made its first product, the VMware Workstation to be compatible with the Personal Computers. That gives birth to the VMware Windows.

What make this a better idea is that VMware Windows is not only contained to one Microsoft Windows platform but it speaks of all the available Windows operating systems. That even adds more convenience for the Microsoft Windows users which may have the old Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP, or the new Windows Vista. Of course, all these platforms can only run the compatible software. A certain application that can be used for Windows XP may not be compatible for the Windows Vista. But the VMware Windows is far different from these software devices. VMware Windows can be used for different versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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