The Edge of Microsoft Visual Studio Net Enterprise Architect

Before, Microsoft Visual Studio was only known as the Integrated Development Environment produced by Microsoft. Now, Microsoft Visual Studio is a popular tool for creating enterprise architecture. This application is called the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect. This software is a special tool for enterprise architects and senior developers and used to design and create applications aiming to solve the present business problems.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect includes a lot of powerful features useful for enterprise architects. This enables the business enterprises to control the life-cycle design methods. This process helps in building more efficient XML Web services, as well as applications available for consumers over the Internet. Core reference programs, capability for testing and deliver developed results, and ability to model features are also provided for enterprise architects with this special application. Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect also builds open tools platform made for third-party independent software vendors who may want to plug directly to the Visual Studio .NET environment.

More effective sharing capabilities are also provided by this new enterprise architect application. Other features of Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect include: database and software modeling tools for creating visual-rich communication application, a lot of interesting enterprise framework and program templates so architects can start their modeling easier, and different tools for testing the Web services in meeting their business goals and requirements.

To use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect, the user must meet the following system requirements:

" At least 900MB disk space, but the recommended is 6.1 GB
" At least 192MB Memory or RAM
" Intel Pentium II or later versions
" 450mhz minimum CPU speed. Recommended is 600mhz
" Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or later Windows versions

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