The Eight Quality Management Principles of ISO 9000:2000

The International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO, made it possible to develop a set of standards that can be applied to all kinds of organizations. These standards are also referred to as ISO 9000:2000, which are based on eight quality management principles. These principles were chosen by ISO that can be used to improve organizational performance and eventually achieve success. The quality management principles of ISO 9000:2000 are the following:

(a) Focus on customers – There is a need for organizations to understand customer needs, meet their requirements and eventually exceed their expectations. (b) Provide leadership – Leaders must set the path on where the organization is heading. They should establish an environment that will encourage people to achieve organizational goals and objectives. (c) Involve people – Organizations must encourage their people to use their abilities and involve them at all levels. The knowledge and skills gained by these key persons will be useful in meeting desired organizational results. (d) Use a process approach – Having a more efficient and effective approach on how processes are executed will definitely drive business performance. (e) Take a systems approach – There is a need to identify interrelated processes and treat them as a system. (f) Encourage continual improvement – Organizations must be committed in continually improving overall performance. (g) Get the facts before deciding – Every decision should be accompanied by factual information and data. (h) Work with suppliers – Organizations must establish a good working relationship with their suppliers to assist in adding customer value.

To improve organizational performance, these standards set by ISO 9000:2000 should be taken into consideration. Though success does not happen over night, careful planning and implementation of these eight principles will eventually result to organizational growth and development.

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