The Emerging Technology Called Virtualisation

The technology termed virtualization dates back since the early 1960’s when computers have been creating a massive impression to people.  It is a technology that involves the creation of a machine that is virtually made in essence adding the functionality of both the hardware and the software. 

A few of the mechanisms used in virtualization are encapsulation, simulation, and emulation.  These three mechanisms are considered the most vital and essential to complete the process of virtualising a machine or a program.  Simulation happens when a so-called virtual machine – a machine that is created and formed by the real machine —  perfectly replicates the whole hardware thereby allowing for the operating systems – the software that interacts with the whole system – on a completely different system.  When the simulation is completed, all parts and facets of both the hardware and software undergo the process of encapsulation wherein the real resources not the virtually made are hidden by creating an interface that works the same as the original one in a much simplified form. 

Although this technology seems to be difficult to comprehend and understand and at times complex to perform, computer enthusiasts and experts in the computing world have seen the potential function and use of this technology more so in an environment where you really have to secure an operating system or part of the computer system – the peripheral and internal devices that it has.

Now, as this technology continue to evolve, more and more people are learning the underlying facets of it. 

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