The End is nigh


The third and final blog re the Manager’s Fast Track Program


Day 5

I knew we were over the half way hurdle, but it didn’t make me feel any better…  having ITIL® dreams – which I think is a good thing as a “deeper understanding” must be occurring ( well at least I hope it is…).

Today was a particularly heavy day.. it was agreed by the group to power hit 3 processes today – which meant shorter breaks, and a lot longer night…. But we all seemed to manage that quite well!

Suddenly – BANG! – Trainers throw the EXIN Service Support Mock exam on us – minus the Release Management Questions. At first we thought “what the?” – but realised that this was the best approach.  So – 2 ½ hours later – with darkness surrounding us ( dramatic moment to highlight that it was night time…) we finished – and headed to the bar to appreciate cheap red wine… and lots of it… but of course – NOT TOO MUCH – study to do before bed..


Day 6

An 8am start and the first task – mark your partner’s exam…  now this is a strange feeling – trying to mark their exam with answers in hand – but also reflecting back to what you wrote and comparing…. However by this time, the end result paled into comparison to the comfort that I had experienced from both doing the exam and the realization that I am really understanding this stuff – and my results are irrelevant to the learning gained. ( with a gross understanding that rote knowledge is all that is letting me down – and study time leading up to the exam will fix!).


1st exam – levels of depression from all of us  – 2nd exam – not so! More an elation…or maybe a tired indifference… that it is nearly over


Last process – finish exam… big group tie it all together task, wind up, debrief – go home!



The Manager’s Fast track is designed for time poor, busy people who cannot spare 12 days out.  But if this is you – make sure you can handle intense full on learn, do , study approach…

I am glad that I did it this way – as it pushed me to focus and do.   I now have 4 weeks to study before I choose to sit my exam.


So – between now and then – 2 more mock exams – marked both by trainers and co-participant, study plan  checked by trainers and ongoing support…


Wish me luck!

Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service




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