The Enterprise Application Architecture And Business Enterprise Architecture Connection

Information technology is now the way to go if you want to succeed in anything most especially in business. As businesses grow, the more that they need to turn to IT to help smooth things out for them. Big companies have what they call business enterprise architecture to depend on when it comes to strategic planning. But such efforts wouldn t be possible without enterprise applications architecture.

Business enterprise architecture and enterprise application architecture are somehow interconnected. For the sake of comparison, business enterprise architecture consists of the strategic framework a business is supposed to be and how it is going to transform from present status to a given time. Enterprise architecture is done mostly for project implementation and strategic planning.

On the other hand, enterprise application architecture is the building or designing of enterprise applications suitable for a particular business. These are the applications that a business uses in its IT system. Designing such application requires understanding of the business in general and understanding of each department of the company as well. Different users need different applications. Most of the time there would be humongous amounts of data to be considered in doing such application design. Business policies and targets are also to be considered.

The connection is that business enterprise architecture needs enterprise applications for specific steps and processes in your business. If you are designing new processes, it needs to be backed by sound enterprise applications. Therefore, enterprise application architecture is a vital part of business enterprise architecture. The business world has just become dependent on IT to do the heavy and meticulous job.

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