The Enterprise SOA Advantage

More and more customers are moving into thee e-commerce market to buy goods and
avail of services.  E-commerce is fast becoming a good way to market products and
companies need to be flexible, adaptable and open with the changes.  Enterprise SOA
provides the organization with resources needed for a truly enterprise-level web services. 
Enterprise SOA is different from enterprise architecture because the latter is the master
plan of an enterprise SOA where the blueprint of the company’s business framework and
technology structure is contained. 

The standards that are set by enterprise SOA will assure the company of interoperability,
and more importantly, reusability.  Enterprise SOA assures companies that they are able
to reduce operational costs, responsive to the business climate and changes, and flexible
when it comes to changes.  With enterprise SOA business solutions are quickly
assembled to meet the ever changing business needs.

Enterprise SOA is a software that is business-driven and allows companies to share,
update and interoperate the programs in such a way that if there is a need for change,
expensive reconfiguration is no longer an option.  Companies and quickly and easily
change a process and technique without the delay and lag of developing a new system. 
Enterprise SOA solves the problems of re-writing and re-building because existing
enterprise applications can be used as basis for the new application.

Enterprise SOA promises to be the most revolutionary and inexpensive way of
developing and implementing business solutions for an effectively and efficiently run
company.  With more businesses expanding and competition increasing, enterprise SOA
can transform an organization into a more competitive and efficient one without the big
investment that is usually involved in an IT system.

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