The Entities involved in an Enterprise Content Management or ECM

The Enterprise Content Management or ECM is a whole bunch of processes that involves intricate entities on it.  These entities are smaller components of the whole engine that works together in unison in order to achieve what the Enterprise Content Management is adhered to achieve.  These entities are often referred to as the modules that encompass the total process of ECM.  Below is the detailed discussion about each of the modules present in the system:

a.    Management of documents.  Documents are the core of the whole ECM process.  As such, the process of ECM should be focused on how these documents should be properly and effectively managed.  One of the mechanisms used in efficiently managing these documents is the proper safekeeping that is given to these.  
b.    Capturing of data.  Data is what makes up a document.  Before a document becomes what it is, there should be a strong method on how to capture data.  One of the fundamental works of the Enterprise Content Management is the effective capturing of raw data needed to be fed into process engine of the business and transform these data into a reliable set of information.  
c.     Preservation of documents and data.  There are data that are essentially needed to be preserved for future use.  There will come to a point that these data will be used as reference points towards a more important detail in the business – decision making.
d.    Delivery of these documents.  There are specific people who need specific documents.  The whole engine of the Enterprise Content Management should be able to specifically determine who needs the specific data that was gathered.

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