The Essence of Setting up Metadata Standards

Setting up standards to at least meet certain requirements is something that is very much evident in today’s environment.  No matter if you are in school, at work or sometimes even at home, there are certain rules to follow so as to least meet acceptable standards. It is not something that is a disadvantage though, because at least you will be guided by these standards in order to pass certain requisites for personal growth and development.

Not only humans are bound by such standards, thereby making almost every single thing in this world vulnerable. Since almost everything has gone wired nowadays, certain sets of standards were conceived to make it more convenient for users to at least have a guarantee that the software program, application or device that they are currently using indeed passed specific requirements. Essentially, this is what ISO’s (International Organization for Standardization) role is all about.

Metadata, a term for structured data about data, also has its own certain standards to follow. It is not a mystery for users that at times files being sent over the Internet are susceptible to external risk factors that may compromise data and user confidentiality. This is something that the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) is currently working on, alongside other factors that support a broader range of purposes and business models. Indeed, DCMI does not only make metadata policies simple for everyone to follow, but it also promotes widespread acceptance of metadata standards that will help individuals and organizations to take hold of its maximum potential.

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