The Evolution of Clinical Information Systems

Military, businesses, and universities are the first to employ the advancement in computer technology. But now, due to the widespread use of information technology, computer use has also invaded the world of medicine. Big hospitals or simple clinics are now enhanced with computer systems that provide them a better way to keep records. This is now called the Clinical Information Systems. The general idea of having this system is to replace the Medical Records Department.

Information about patients, medicine, sickness, and others are highly essential for the Medical Records Department. This is the reason why this department also played the part of being the central unit of information sources of other departments in a health institution. But now, this is slowly replaced by the Clinical Information Systems. Everything will go on digital. Fewer materials will be needed, fewer individuals will work for the department to maintain the information, and also lesser time will be needed to locate essential information using this system. The Clinical Information Systems are also helpful in providing orderly management of medical information.

Further developments on Clinical Information Systems also made them object-oriented applications resulting to their more comprehensive use. More and more enhancements were employed to Clinical Information Systems until they help enabling health practitioners, not only to store and retrieve different information, but also to use all these information for more meaningful tasks. The Clinical Information Systems now allow chart review, updates, and analysis of different medical records. Easier workflow for the Ancillary Systems like the Pharmacy Management System, Radiology Management System, and Laboratory Management System is also enhanced using the Clinical Information Systems.

Definitely, the Clinical Information Systems are still continuously developing to provide better services for health practitioners and most especially, the patients.

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