The Evolution of JD Edwards ERP

JD Edwards, also known as JDE, has been around since March 1997. This software company’s relatively long existence in the software world, along with a colorful history to go along with it, has made it a force to contend with in the industry.

JD Edwards built its polished reputation by creating accounting software for none other than Big Blue, also officially known as IBM. In the 80s, IBM minicomputers carried the accounting software JD Edwards specifically designed for them.

JD Edwards’s clients had been mainly small and medium-sized companies. They were quite happy and satisfied with the products the software company provided, but this situation still left big corporations with an unmet demand for accounting software solutions. JD Edwards recognized this untapped market, and this is precisely the reason why the software company moved to developing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) accounting applications.

The company slowly evolved by improving their already-reliable accounting software. Eventually, what started out as basic accounting solutions for small businesses gradually turned into ERP applications for corporations and enterprises. The end result was a fully-functional ERP that can run on any platform. It makes sense that this improved product was renamed OneWorld. This happened twelve years ago in 1996, during which time other software companies were just starting on ERP. Once again, JD Edwards became a pioneer in their field.

The year 2003 offered a bigger opportunity for JD Edwards. The software company was bought by PeopleSoft, a big software company dedicated to providing solutions for HR systems. Accounting is an important element of HR systems, and this triggered the lucrative addition of OneWorld to PeopleSoft’s line of HR-dedicated software.

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