The Evolution of the Siebel Systems

The Siebel Systems Incorporation started its name as a company that is engaged in sales force products as spearheaded by the world-renowned Thomas Siebel in the year 1993. It is actually a software solutions company that is technically engaged in the development, design, providing support, and strategic marketing of the customer relationship management application or the CRM application.  Thomas Siebel’s intelligence and expertise in sales of automated products made the Siebel Systems one of the dominant names in the CRM industry by capturing a whooping 45% share in the market in the year 2002.  This has made a huge trademark in the business sector which prompted one of the leading business magazines to award the fastest growing institution all over the United States in the year 1999. 

Business analysts would claim that one of the major success secrets of the Siebel Systems is its ability to form alliances with the great business entities.  The alliance that Thomas Siebel initiated made a great impact on the whole structure of the Siebel Systems that made it grew this big and this powerful.  As of the year 2000, Siebel Systems Incorporation has had about 700 recorded business alliances and that its projected revenue can hit to about $1B. 
Although Siebel Systems was spearheaded by Thomas Siebel, the success of the Siebel Systems is not only his credit.  The Siebel Systems may have been conceived by Thomas but another name is responsible for its big success. It was Patricia House who was responsible for the consuming public’s wide acceptance of the Siebel Systems.  Patricia House worked hand in hand with Thomas in developing and making the Siebel progress to what it is right now.  She directly worked as the Vice President for Marketing.

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