The Evolution of the SQL Server 7

The Standard Query Language Server version 7 has two different revisions.  The first one is the SQL Server 7 codenamed Sphinx and the SQL Server 7 for OLAP tools, which stands for Online Analytical Processing, codenamed Plato.  Although these two different versions are designed specifically for different application and environment both of these were released in the year 1999.  

One interesting fact about SQL Server version 7 is the fact that it is the maiden and legitimate SQL Server that used the Graphical User Interface mechanism.  The structure and architecture of the SQL Server 7 was basically made from the shadows of the Sybase language code.  The SQL Server 7 has had issues in terms of the functionalities and features that it has.  However, these issues were practically treated when Microsoft Company released the service pack 4, a patch pack designed to eliminate all discovered issues that concern the software.  Since the Service Packs are cumulative in version, the Service pack 4 is capable of being applied on the previous packs like the SP1, SP2 , and SP3 for Server 7.  However, it is important to be noted that the SQL Server 7 with Service Pack 4 is not inclusive of the software updates for the other version of the SQL Server 7 which is the OLAP tool. In order to have the updates for the OLAP tool for SQL Server 7, it is being advised that there is a separate download to be made specifically the files on the OLAP section for the Service Pack 3 of the SQL Server 7.

The SQL Server version that initially succeeded the footsteps of the SQL Server 7 was the SQL Server 2000 version.  

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