The Evolving Arena of Medical Information System

Have you recently checked with your nearest hospital institution about how your personal information and related records are being kept, stored, and controlled?  Well, if you have not, you might be surprised to know that, these institutions, too have found an effective way to maintain and manipulate their patients’ records. This sort of a system is called the Medical Information System.

There has been a growing number of hospital and healthcare institution which saw the positive implications of having a medical information system in their area.  In fact, majority of the US based hospitals nowadays are well-oriented about having a system or program that processes these records. 

An efficient Medical Information System is and should be capable of performing the following procedures:

a. Control and produce a file that is able to produce and store a patient’s chart medical record. This is the recorded file of any patient accepted in the hospital. All transcripts such as doctor’s diagnosis, services that were rendered to the patient and even procedures that were performed onto the patient are readily available when needed.
b. Store and provide the billing history of the patient.  All billing records that the patient requires should be readily accessible when needed.  The medical information system should be capable of providing the necessary documents that pertain to billing.
c. Inter hospital communication.  There are instances when the patient is needed to be immediately transferred to another hospital.  The hospital with the Medical Information System should be able to file transfer and communicate the information to another hospital to expeditiously perform any immediate action. 

These and all are just some of the evolving characteristics that a Medical Information System needs and requires to possess. 

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