The Evolving Web 2.0 and Mashup Technologies

The Web 2.0 technology has continually emerged as one of the widely used and appreciated technologies in the modern times.  The at times regarded complicated and intricate structure of the Web 2.0 is correlated with how the server package, the syndication of the web content, and protocols that are being used in terms of message exchange drastically change and impacted by the evolving technology.  This is also impacting the emerging trend in merging and fusing varied pieces of items like sounds and other multimedia platforms.  This is because the mashup or the process of combining two media platforms is one of the features that Web 2.0 websites have.

Mashup technology has started to create waves in the Internet scene when it became of the techniques that Web 2.0 has.  The mashing up of multimedia items like video and audio came in the list of features of Web 2.0 along with Folksonomies, Web logging, Wikis, and Microformats – all these powerful features of the Web 2.0.  The mashup method became a surprise hit when it started to draw attention from a large percentage of Internet users.  This has radically created a new thing on the Internet. 

The mashup and the Web 2.0 technologies are conjoined together.  The failure of each method creates an impact with the other.  This means that whatever movements are made on the other side affects the other one. 

As the Internet industry continues to grow and progress so will these two technologies, too.  Mashup will continue to evolve and Web 2.0 will be a strong platform for this evolution to pursue. 

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