The Exclusive MCP Secured Website

Successfully passing the MCP exam is your key to a world of career opportunities that lay ahead of you.  The MCP certificate holder is one of the most sought after individuals in the IT profession today because employers are assured of individuals who are capable, and possess the skills and knowledge required for the proper implementation of Microsoft solutions.  Aside from this, getting an MCP certificate also entitles the individual to the MCP secured site where only MCP certificate holders are allowed access.

The MCP secured website is a members-only website available only to individuals who have passed the MCP exam.  The MCP secured site can be accessed through the Microsoft Passport Network or more commonly known as the .NET Passport.  The .NET passport is an ideal tool for the MCP secured website because it basically is a one-time login for users and they can access different sites outside the MCP website but within the Microsoft page.  For first time visitors and members, the individual is required to migrate his credentials to the MCP secured site.

The process of migration to the MCP secured website starts with the MCP ID and Access Code sent by Microsoft through email on the day the individual successfully passed the certification exam.  The MCP holder will then go through filling up online forms and profile information through the Profile Editor of the MCP secured site.  This is an important step in the registration process because this is where the individual will be recognized by potential clients, partners, and employers.  Important events, announcements, updates and offers will also be coursed through the profile information the member registered.

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