The Features of Disaster Recovery Software

Disaster recovery software (DRS) enables a business organization to resume operations when human-induced or a natural disaster crop up. Ideal disaster recovery software will enable your organization to recover data, as well as help in the recovery of the system which supports the data. A DRS can reinstate data and an operating system at the same time, purging your company of downtime needed to recreate the system, install necessary applications, and then restore data accessibility. Disaster recovery software can also be used in conjunction with the file backup software. This is a way to rationalize the prompt restoration of the system (including backup software.) The DRS can also be restored off-site from the system it protects, either by transporting it into a physical media to a remote site, or electronically transmitting the data via WAN, LAN or internet to a remote site.

A kind of DRS which has been developed is that DRS which has all the components and practical tools to help you create and document the total disaster recovery planning promptly and efficiently. DRS has six phases which are, namely: Inception, Identification, Decision, Documentation, Practice, and Maintenance. In the Inception phase, the DRS will give you the process of how to start a plan provided with practical tools. The Identification phase enables you to identify business impacts, dependence on automated processes, risks, recovery resources and goals. The third phase is Decision in which you will choose the most suitable recovery methods to restore data and/or the system. After you choose suitable recovery methods, you may proceed to the Documentation phase to outline specifically and logically your customized plan (based on the DRS Disaster Recovery Plan format.) In the Practice phase, it enables you to train your partners and to test the effectiveness of your Plan. The last phase is Maintenance – in this phase, the availability of your Disaster Recovery Plan is sustained to be utilized whenever environmental changes and disaster crop up.

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