The Feisty Fawn in the VMware Server

The Feisty Fawn is the Canonical’s 6th release of Ubuntu Linux.  It is also called as Ubuntu 7.04. The Feisty Fawn was released on April 19, 2007. It is one of the most popular open source Linux based operating system.  It is software that is community developed, regularly updated and offered free to the public for use.
VMware allows companies to work with multiple operating systems on a single host.  Some compnaies opt for low level applications to enable them to work on this kind of environment.  The software is user friendly and guides users on how installation should be done.  The Feisty Fawn can be installed in the VMware server.  The following are steps and things to remember during installation:

1. Start the VMWare Server and locate from the home menu, New Virtual Machine.  Follow instructions to install a CD of Feisty Fawn Ubuntu Linux 7.04.  The CD should not auto-launches within Windows, if it does, cancel it and do not install, as this will erase your physical disk.
2. Allocate enough disk space for the Feisty Fawn installation partitions
3. When Ubuntu ‘talks’ of drive formatting and erasing information, disregard such talks as they refer to space allocation within the VMware virtual machine environment and you need not be scared.
4. The installation takes some time to complete. So be patient.
5. Make choices for screen-resolution, networking and RAM usage.
6.  Upon completion, the Feisty Fawn Ubuntu will restart the computer and you would have a nice working installation of Feisty Fawn Ubuntu Linux within your Windows.

With the Feisty Fawn on a VMware Server, companies can save money on buying operating systems and still run multiple virtual machines.

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