The Four Enterprise Architect Software Editions

With a lot of Enterprise Architecture software programs released in the market today, only a few names stand out as far as stability and performance are concerned. One of these is the Enterprise Architect (EA) software. Now on its 7th version, Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive graphical design and analysis tool that can be used by multiple users in building a more robust and maintainable software solution at a very sensible price. A Windows-based application itself, Enterprise Architect provides a wide variety of features, depending on the purchased software edition.

The four EA software editions are: (a) Professional   for workgroups that carry out shared projects; (b) Desktop   targeted at a single developer only and includes all the features of the Professional edition except for code engineering; (c) Corporate – for larger development teams with combined full capabilities of the Professional and Desktop features; and (d) Corporate Floating   full functionality of the Corporate Edition with floating capabilities or licenses to automate the management of EA registration keys. Upgrading from one edition to the other is also possible by downloading premium upgrades.

The Enterprise Architect also provides a powerful document generation and reporting tool with template editors that can be used depending on the format required or demanded by the company or client. It also supports generation and reverse engineering of source codes for many popular languages such as C++, Visual Basic and Java. Depending on the company s specifications, the source code generated can be customized using code generation templates. When it comes to system requirements, EA can be run on almost any computer system. To guide a user through the process, a CD instruction guide is provided to make any Enterprise Architecture job as easy as possible.

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