The Four Fundamental Principles of Enterprise Architectures

In business, having a predefined set of goals, processes and having a clear picture of what each operational step looks like is important. If there are several branches of your business, for example, these sets of steps can be followed and implemented in each branch, to ensure that the quality of the services that you offer or the products that you manufacture is the same all throughout. This is basically what enterprise architectures entail. Here, a clear description of the structure of the business is given out. From this, a definition of goals can be developed and business strategies can be designed to ensure the success of the company as a whole.

When it comes to enterprise architectures, there are four fundamentals that you will be dealing with. The first component is called the business enterprise architecture. Here, the corporate goals, business processes, suppliers and time frames are clearly defined.

The second component is all about applications. Here, the application software or program used in the operations is dealt with. The third component of enterprise architecture has something to do with data models, and is referred to as the information aspect. Finally, there is the fourth and probably the most complicated among all four fundamental principles, which is technology. Here, the hardware and software components, as well as the server information and the operating systems are all defined.  After identifying the four fundamental principles of enterprise architecture, the next thing that you need to learn about is how these parts or components can be incorporated and used to develop goals and strategies which will benefit the business in general.

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