The Four WiMax Solutions

WiMax or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access promises wireless broadband communications ubiquitously. The high speed wireless access delivered exclusively by WiMax facilitates fixed and mobile broadband services specifically to large coverage areas.

WiMax solutions are designed to be IP-based and it allows delivery of data using high speed network. Such features of WiMax solutions give it an edge toward the existing wireless networks and most especially the wired broadband solutions providers.

The Four WiMax Solutions
1. The Enterprise and Private Networks Solutions
It is also the wireless broadband Metropolitan Area Networks or MANs which is employed in large enterprises and it supplies connectivity in buildings and other remote locations with 40 miles distance with 2Mbps to 1Gps data rates. The two or more remote locations acquire high-speed, reliable, and secure wireless broadband connectivity.
2. The Wireless Voice and Data Backhaul/Point-to-Point Connectivity Solutions
This solution supplies flexible and low cost substitutes for Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks through wireless broad point-to-point connectivity. Like the features used in enterprise and private network solutions, the wireless voice and data backhaul has the ability to send out high amounts of data far better than the customary wired services.
3. The Campus & Wireless ISP/Point-to-Multi-point Solutions
This is primarily intended for business park or campus setting and ISPs (internet service providers) in acquiring a cost effective broadband access. This solution offers connections among locations that have 15 miles of range. The data speed is up to 72 Mbps that can be executed with both LOS (line of sight) and NLOS (non light of sight) networks.
4. The Security or Surveillance Solutions
This solution is mainly employed in providing high-security, crime prevention, and public safety requirements.0020 employing this kind of solution, surveillance systems are made to be reliable, flexible, and cost-effective.

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